In comparison with solicitors fees, mediation can cut the costly expense of divorce.

Compass Resolution Ltd offers a FREE assessment where you can find out if mediation is suitable for you. You will be able to ask your questions about how mediation works and the areas and issues you want to address.

Mediation fees thereafter are charged at £100 per person per hour. Each session lasts approximately 1.5 hours and the average mediation lasts between 3 - 6 sessions depending on the complexity of your situation. At the end of the mediation, the two documents - the Memorandum of Understanding and the Open Financial Summary - will be prepared for each of you. A further charge will be made for these documents. 

At the beginning of the mediation you will both be asked to sign an Agreement to Mediate. This sets out the fee charges and the way we will work together. Fees are paid at the end of each mediation session. You are free to withdraw from mediation at any point. If you have to cancel an agreed session at short notice, you may be charged if expenses have been accrued. Generally we will work to find times that suit us all and we can be flexible around your work and family commitments.  

Compass Resolution Ltd provides mediation free of charge for those who qualify for legal aid.